Gjermund Nesland

38 Years
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183 cm  
85 kg  


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Gjermund Nesland is a Norwegian business professional and serial entrepreneur with a successful career in both business and sports. In business he has at a young age had impressive careers within international companies on both the IT industry and the oil industry. As an entrepreneur he has started companies in several different industries and runs several companies on the side of his corporate career as a leader.

He is a former Norwegian Champion and internationally renowned athlete in kickboxing and is the currently manager and sports director of the Norwegian national team in kickboxing. The Norwegian team is currently ranked as the 2nd best team in the world in full contact kickboxing in WAKO (World Association of Kickboxing Organizations). During the past five years while he has led the team together with his coaches, athletes on the team has become WAKO European Champions five times, WAKO World Champions eight times, and WAKO PRO World Champions six times.

With nearly 7 years of higher education in leadership, IT, economics, investment analysis, and project management, including a master’s degree in Information Science and an international Project Management Professionals (PMP) certification, he has a solid educational background. Nesland has been the best performing student in his classes from primary school all through his University master’s degree.

Gjermund Nesland was born and raised in Norway. He grew up on a farm with three siblings, and learned from a very young age the principles and of hard work, dedication, taking responsibility, and to be independent. 15 years of age he decided to move away from home to live and study in a nearby city. From that day he managed his life, decisions and personal economy as an adult.

At the age of 29 he was offered a job as International Business Development Manager for an international IT-company, with the main responsibility for subsidiaries and business development in The Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden – however, also working with subsidiaries and partners in USA, United Kingdom, France and Germany.

At the age of 34 he was offered a position as the youngest Senior Manager in one of the world’s leading supplier of drilling technology and drilling equipment to the offshore oil industry, leading five engineering departments with 120 employees.

He is currently a senior manager in a global company, a national team manager in kickboxing, and a serial entrepreneur at the same time.

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